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Will Marlow is an outstanding resource for all things PPC, AdWords, and Analytics. I hired them to audit and optimize my AdWords account, and they worked fast, were thorough, stayed focused on ROI, and provided excellent follow up support. They can provide value to those new to AdWords as well as organizations who need to supplement their Marketing department and activities. I would highly recommend working with them.

Amy Plumley

Director of Marketing, FiscalNote

I have worked with Will and his team for over 3 years and my experience with them has been a 10+. I was just going over our numbers and our returns have been awesome – for every $1 we spend we make $5.85! Thank you Will!

Rob Chevez

CEO, The Caza Group

Will Marlow was immediately able to start pulling answers out of Google Analytics in real time and to teach my team to find answers for ourselves. Data on keywords that were driving leads, what regions, states, cities were driving sales, and what pages on the website were most important for driving results were now in our hands in real time…Their work allowed me to save thousands of dollars as well as time.

Scott Noon

General Manager, Share My Lesson


Examples of Facebook PPC Ads from Political Campaigns

My career began in politics, and I occasionally take a break from working with high growth companies to advise or consult for political campaigns and super PACs, and so I wanted to put together a “cheat sheet” with examples of political ads that have been...

Using a Two-Step Landing Page to Maximize Conversions

Landing page optimization is a huge part of successful online advertising, and there is one strategy that I particularly like, which I call the “two-part landing page strategy.”  This is where you identify at least two goals for a campaign, and then you...

How To Use Multiple Credit Cards for Your Facebook Ad Campaigns

There are times when it seems like Facebook is purposefully trying to discourage advertisers from spending money on their network.  For instance, they have made it tremendously difficult for agencies to use more than one credit card on behalf of their clients.  Unlike...

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