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The importance of a personal network for social media managers

By on Apr 16, 2010 in Original Blog | 3 comments

If you manage a social media plan for an organization, one of your most important assets is your personal network.  (Don’t think for a second that professional social media managers have a substitute for this.)  One of the reasons that the social media space scares so many people is that in order for you to succeed in social media, you need to be authentic,...

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Voluntary Change

By on Feb 2, 2010 in Original Blog | 0 comments

I was recently invited to Boston to give a talk at the Annual Meeting of the Association of Collegiate Honor Societies about opportunities to engage members using the Internet.  My friends at The National Society of Collegiate Scholars invited me, and I’m very excited. I love talking to groups of people who work in industries that are undergoing...

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How Much Do You Measure?

By on Feb 1, 2010 in Original Blog | 0 comments

I think it would be interesting if Nielsen's BookScan unit installed tracking chips randomly on books, to measure reading trends.   This would tell us: 1. How much time people spend with their books opened.  2. How many books are never opened or read.   3.  How many books are opened repeatedly. 4.  How many books seem to be read more than once.  5. How many...

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