Will Marlow HeadshotI hold multiple certifications in digital marketing, including certifications from Google in AdWords Search, Google AdWords Display and Google Analytics, as well as certification from Microsoft as a Bing Ads Accredited Professional.

I founded the Will Marlow Agency with a simple goal in mind: to deliver ultra-premium Search Engine Marketing services for any client who cares about doing things the right way.  To that end, I run every campaign as a “data-driven” marketing campaign to the greatest extent possible.  I’m very transparent about my methods, approach, and techniques, and I like to help my clients understand exactly what I’m doing, as well as why I’m doing it.  This is why I publish a list of the tools I use,  and it’s also a reason why I’m so open on my blog about the techniques I rely on.

A lot of my fellow consultants like to guard their secrets — that’s not my style.  I want to build a reputation for delivering ultra-premium, highly-informed, and super-creative digital marketing services to clients who want the very best marketing for their company. 

Here are some bullet points about me and my approach:

    • I hold all the important Google Partner certifications;
    • I personally manage all AdWords and other PPC projects;
    • I created a huge library of 100s of training videos in order train my team (and others) in the finer points of SEM and SEO;
    • On a weekly basis I have phone calls with official Google account executives, as well as other thought leaders in the industry to discuss my client campaigns;
    • I’m followed on Twitter by over 6,000 people on Twitter
    • As I’ve started working with more and more people, I created a company culture deck to attract new team members who share my [and the agency’s] values.

Before Will Marlow, LLC, I was a Press Secretary on Capitol Hill to two members of Congress, and before that I was the co-founder of AlumniFidelity, an online platform that helps universities and nonprofits identify new donors using social tools.

While I was an undergraduate at the College of William & Mary, and I thought I wanted to be a professor of Political Science, I co-authored an article with my professor, Larry Evans, that won the Midwest Political Science Association’s Patrick J. Fett Award for the Best Paper on Congress and the Presidency in 2006.

As my hero Ray Bradbury would say:

“I have three rules to live by: Get your work done. If that doesn’t work, shut up and drink your gin, and when all else fails, run like hell.”  – Ray Bradbury

And, more importantly, as my other hero Jerry Seinfeld says:

“There are no awful gigs. All gigs are great.”  – Jerry Seinfeld