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Our three year digital advertising partnership with the Will Marlow Agency has been tremendously productive. Working with their team has been spectacular, and the results really do speak for themselves: over the course of 18 months they helped us grow lead volume by 8.4x, while at the same time producing a 3.7x cost reduction, which took us from 200 leads per month at $158.04 CPL, to 1,675 leads per month at $43 CPL. They are a stellar team and have deep expertise in data-driven marketing across Google, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Keith White

Chief Revenue Officer, Network for Good

I highly recommend the The Will Marlow Agency for more targeted traffic from Google. In just our first year, they helped us increase our Google AdWords traffic by more than 1,349%, which led to more than 130,000 visitors to our website, most of which were new visitors. Since working with their team, Google AdWords has been the #1 traffic referral to our site. Our experience with them has been has been outstanding and the numbers speak for themselves.

Melody Murphy

Director, Digital Engagement, Metro United Way

I have worked with Will and his team for over 3 years and my experience with them has been a 10+. I was just going over our numbers and our returns have been awesome – for every $1 we spend we make $5.85! Thank you Will!

Rob Chevez

CEO, The Caza Group

Will Marlow is an outstanding resource for all things PPC, AdWords, and Analytics. I hired him to audit and optimize my AdWords account, and he worked fast, was thorough, stayed focused on ROI, and provided excellent follow up support. Will can provide value those new to AdWords as well as organizations who need to supplement their Marketing department and activities. I would highly recommend working with him.

Amy Plumley

Director of Marketing, FiscalNote

I hired Will to bring his marketing and PR expertise to my business, and I look forward to working with him for a long time. He has a great ability to look at the big picture, and to always stay focused on the most important things. He’s well-organized, dedicated to his work, and passionate about helping others understand marketing strategy and tactics. He also has a very, very wide knowledge of web marketing, PR, and social media — for one example, he helped take our Twitter account from 50 followers to almost 1,500 followers in about two weeks. Simply put, he’s the ideal person to lead a marketing team.

Rick Henneberg


Will Marlow was immediately able to start pulling answers out of Google Analytics in real time and to teach my team to find answers for ourselves. Data on keywords that were driving leads, what regions, states, cities were driving sales, and what pages on the website were most important for driving results were now in our hands in real time…Their work allowed me to save thousands of dollars as well as time.

Scott Noon

General Manager, Share My Lesson

When I opened up our location 12 years ago my strategy was to partner with the best of the best in all aspects of running our gym. I tried maintaining Google AdWords myself as well as using AdWords specialists who partnered with TLGI. We had moderate success but it was not perfect. I switched to working with WMA one and a half years ago and I could not be happier. They review and manage the ad accounts daily and give detailed weekly reports on how the accounts are preforming. The team makes weekly tweaks if needed. Regular phone calls are conducted to talk about how the campaigns are running and what changes that need to be made. They are extremely professional and have even caught local market issues extremely fast which has prevented me from raising my keyword price to cost prohibitive prices in order to outbid the competitors.

Slater Crosby

Owner, The Little Gym of Edina/St. Louis Park

The Will Marlow Agency has made improvements in our advertising allowing us to reach our advertising potential. The weekly check-ins allow us to make immediate changes to our budget and/or the focus of our ads. I highly recommend Will Marlow Agency.

Debbie Villarreal

Owner, The Little Gym of Mountain View

The Will Marlow Agency has provided exceptional customer service from day one. They took the initiative to help with website traffic issues and even reached out to TLGI when it was outside of the scope of service that we were paying for. Since working with them our inquiries have increased by 25%.

Wendy McGee

Owner, The Little Gym of Fort Worth SW

I invited WIll Marlow to speak on the topic of applying social media to business goals to a highly informed group of a business leaders, and he gave an outstanding presentation. He is extremely knowledgeable about social media, user generated content, and online advertising. His perspectives are very focused, interesting and useful. And he is also a big advocate of using hard data to measure results. He is very generous with his time, and I highly recommend him both as a speaker and as a marketing consultant.

Hulya Aksu

CEO, Modern DC Publishing, LLC

We brought in multiple Google Analytics consultants before Will Marlow, but he was the only one who understood what we were trying to accomplish, and was able to give us what we needed. Based on his work, we are now able to accurately measure the impact of our advertising campaigns in granular detail. He understands the big picture of what’s important for a business, and he has a real mastery of Google Analytics. Will is fast, a great communicator, and knows how to connect with the right people to solve complex problems.

Craig Marshall

CEO, Christopher Drummond Beauty

After only 10 months working with the Will Marlow Agency, we have seen significant growth in our inbound leads. In the first 3 months working with them, they had already brought in as many leads as we had received in the prior 9 months combined. We have seen the growth continue, over time, and in the first quarter of this fiscal year have seen almost 2x the number of leads come in as compared to the year before. They have helped us expand on the regions we market to, as well as increase our impression share overall. They have gone above and beyond by helping us perfect our own internal marketing strategy through helping us better target potential leads and grow our brand presence.

Christian Bourgeois

Project Manager, Studio Red

We have been working with WMA for nearly two years and our experience has been nothing short of amazing. We have worked with several other companies that claim that they will increase digital traffic and in the end they pale in comparison to the results that Will and his team have provided.

Adam Stone

Owner, The Little Gym of Chicago

The Will Marlow Agency is the only Google PPC agency you should work with if you want to drive quality leads to your business. I have been working with the team for over a year and they have been an excellent partner along the way. They have delivered double digit growth so far and I would safely say that I would not trust anyone else with my PPC advertising.

Kat Azima

CEO, Denteo Marketing Group

I’m very happy that we hired Will to help us with AdWords training. He is making it possible for us to manage our AdWords effectively in-house, which is perfect for Hardwood Artisans. With Will’s help, we can now measure and analyze our AdWords investment, which let’s us see what works and what doesn’t. I highly recommend working with Will if you need AdWords training either one-on-one, or for your team.

Julianne Yurek

Director of Marketing, Hardwood Artisans

As a marketer, Will takes the time to understand the big picture of what makes a company unique, and to let that drive his marketing priorities. I would definitely recommend working with him, because he’s a very effective writer, creative, up on all the latest digital tools, and he reaches out to all stakeholders in a business in order to align marketing with the rest of the company.

David Abramson

Director of Product Management, Logi Analytics

It is a pleasure to work with Will Marlow. He has an analytical mind and is knowledgeable about traditional marketing, as well as how new digital tools should best be used to drive awareness for a business. He is also meticulous, and I would highly recommend working with him if you have the opportunity.

Arman Eshraghi

Founder and CTO, Logi Analytics

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