Last Click Attribution

Last-Click Attribution refers to a web analytics model in which the “last click” is given credit for a sale or conversion.  In other words, if someone comes to your website and orders some flowers, you should have a web analytics system in place that tells you where that customer came from.  Did they come from an advertisement in a newspaper, or the natural search keyword ”romantic flowers,” or did they find you after they followed your post on Facebook?  But the great flaw in web analytics packages is that many visitors come to your website multiple times before converting, and you need to choose whether you want the credit for a sale to go to the “first click” that brought them to you, or to the “last click” that brought them to you.  Most web analytics packages are defaulted to “last click” analysis.

One of the flaws with last click analysis is that for many, many businesses, 99% of the conversions and sales come from branded keyword (your name) traffic.  But this obscures the true source, because no one is born knowing your name — and so if you want to move the needle for search, you really need to know the keyword traffic that introduced them to your site, not that drove the click.



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