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12 Things Nonprofits Need To Know About GDPR

As many of you know, GDPR is coming on May 25, and lots of people are still preparing for the new privacy laws, and I wanted to write a blog post specifically addressed to nonprofit leaders who feel like they need more background on what GDPR means for them.  So, what...

A 33-Point Checklist To Get Ready for GDPR

We wrote a huge blog post about how to understand and prepare for GDPR.  That blog post is longer than we usually write, and we wanted to do a condensed version to help people quickly get to the point of how GDPR impacts them, and know whether they are ready.  If you...

What GDPR Means for AdWords – All Things GDPR

As most people know by now, the European Union has come up with new data collection rules that are making life complex for marketers like us, and we wrote this up in order to help our clients find clarity on what GDPR (General Data Protection Requirements) means for...

How To Use Gmail Ads (aka, Gmail Inbox Targeting)

One of the often overlooked options in AdWords is the “Gmail Ads” feature, or “Gmail Inbox Targeting” as we refer to it. Below you’ll learn (1) what this is, (2) when to use it, and (3) how to set it up. What Are Gmail Ads (aka, Gmail Inbox Targeting)? Gmail Ads are...

How To Use Systems-Thinking To Drive SEO Success

This blog post is intended for anyone who has struggled to find the time to invest in SEO, which is to say nearly 100% of people who have ever considered implementing an SEO plan.  The fact is, the most common reason for SEO failure is due to the inability to allocate...

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