Bing Ads Management

In addition to our certifications from Google, we are also certified by Microsoft as a Bing Ads Accredited Professional, which covers both Bing and Yahoo PPC.  Bing and Yahoo might be a whole lot smaller than Google, but sometimes you can find cheaper clicks and higher conversion rates if you target the right keywords with Bing and Yahoo.

From a technical perspective, Bing and Yahoo have modeled themselves after Google AdWords, which makes managing Bing and Yahoo relatively easy for companies who have well-optimized AdWords campaigns.  In fact, in many cases we don’t charge clients extra for Bing and Yahoo campaigns if they are already running larger AdWords campaigns.  Oftentimes, the strategy for Bing Ads is to import only the top performing elements of an AdWords campaign, and then to make adjustments based on conversions and other results.

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