Google Remarketing

Google Remarketing is one of the most controversial types of digital advertising available to you.  This tactic makes your ads follow people around on the Internet.  If someone visits your website once, you can choose to target ads at them over the next 30 to 540 days.  This makes it affordable for your ads to show up on prestigious websites like the Washington Post, the New York Times, and almost anywhere else your potential customers go.  

The reason why remarketing is used by so many advertisers is because it works, and it’s measurable.

Flow of Remarketing Process

Remarketing is a simple but powerful type of digital advertising.

In our experience, remarketing has the second best ROI of any type of digital advertising, behind only branded keywords.  This is because you are limiting your audience only to those people who have visited your website, and this pool of people are your most likely customers.   Secondly, you are only paying when someone clicks your ad.  The assumption is that people would not be clicking your ad if they didn’t want to return to your website to finish their business with you.

But, as with all types of digital advertising, remarketing is all about measurement — this means that you should only continue running remarketing ads if they are profitable.

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