Digital Marketing Toolbox

Tools are only useful if you know what to do with them. Below you'll find a list of the tools that we find useful right now for search engine marketing, search engine optimization, and other digital marketing tasks.
Research Tools

  • Google Trends — discover trends by taking the world’s pulse with this tool.
  • Google Keyword Planner — the first place you should go to start your keyword research.
  • Keyword Grouping Tool — sorts jumbled keyword lists into interesting “groups” for you.
  • Keyword Typo Generator — generates various common misspellings of keywords.
  • Open Site Explorer — discover where your competitors are getting their inbound links.
  • Ubersuggest — gives you all the Google auto-complete words for a base keyword.
  • SEM Rush — provides valuable info on what you currently rank for, among other things.
Monitoring Tools
SEO Audit Tools
Competitive Intelligence
  • BuiltWith — this is a fun tool to run quick tests on websites.
  • ChangeDetection — get pinged when your competitor updates their website.
  • Domain Dossier — get all the info you want on a domain’s age, ownership, and history.
  • MixRank — find out what your competitors ads look like, how long each has run.
  • SpyFu — find out what keywords your competitors are buying, and how much they spending.
  • Trademark Search — find out if someone has trademarked a word or phrase.
  • Way Back Machine — here you’ll find what any website looked like back in the day.
  • Follow – find display ads and other interesting things.
Social Media Monitoring & Measurement

Are there tools out there that you use that you’d like to share? Feel free to return the favor and let us know what your favorite tools are.  Contact us anytime.

Advanced Training

We created Will Marlow Training to train staff and clients.

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