SEO Strategic Plan

With the right strategic SEO plan, you will find yourself spending less money in order to get more customers.  You will also be able to erase the looming fear that you are missing out on huge revenue opportunities by making simple Google mistakes on your website.

We can help you create a strategic SEO plan that will give you a tactical blueprint for improving your SEO month after month., and the process starts by us asking big picture questions about your business, your goals, and your team.

And after creating an SEO strategy that looks at the big picture of your business, you will find that the tactical questions below will be easily answered: 

  • Should you re-write page title tags, alt tags, or meta tags?
  • Should you upgrade your hosting to improve site speed?
  • Should you install a caching plugin?
  • Should you write blog posts 2x a week, or once a month?
  • Should you focus on link building?
  • Should you learn about citations?
  • Should you create a new “microsite?”
  • Should conduct a link building campaign?
  • Should you focus on your social media profiles?
  • Are your 301-redirects working properly?
  • Do you have too many on-page links?
  • Do you need to worry about Google Panda, Penguin, or Hummingbird?
  • Have you done enough keyword research, and how should you use your keyword lists?

Without a proper SEO strategic plan, these questions will be paralyzing.  But with a plan, they will all be easily answered.

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