As you may know, our CEO, Will Marlow, has started hosting a video series on Facebook Live episodes that teach marketers and business owners the basics of SEO and SEM as a way of helping people prioritize marketing during the COVID-19 lockdown. We will be posting the materials (links to videos, PPT decks, etc.) in this blog space as they become available for your reference.

Below is all the relevant information from episode one of SEO/SEM During COVID-19, and we hope you find it useful!

Click here to watch the full first episode on Facebook Live.

Highlights from Episode 1:

  • How to audit your own website tags
  • How to see how much money your competitors are spending on Google Ads
  • How to use Screaming Frog to read (and later edit) page title tags and meta description tags
  • How to find out what websites are linking to you and your competitors
  • How to see what ads your competitors are running on Facebook, and how much they spend on each one.
  • How to do keyword research to start to build your “audience” on Google

In the next episode, Will talks about Google Search Console, and we’ll post the details from that soon!


Ashley Kirchmyer is a Digital Marketing Manager on the Will Marlow Agency Team who loves helping clients understand every aspect of the digital marketing process and how it affects their bottom line. She holds certifications in Google AdWords Search and Display, as well as a certification as a Bing Ads Accredited Professional.

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