TrueView Ads

TrueView Ads are video ads available to AdWords advertisers where you only pay when someone chooses to watch your YouTube video. There are four types of TrueView ad formats:

  • TrueView in-stream: these ads play like a TV ad before or even at regular intervals during another video (hence the word “in-stream”) from a YouTube Partner. In this scenario, viewers will see 5 seconds of your video which you don’t need to pay for, and then they make a choice to keep watching the video or skip it. You pay if they watch at least 30 seconds (or to the end) of the video, whichever is less.
  • TrueView in-slate: these ads show before a YouTube Partner video that are at least 10-minutes or longer. These ads run before long-form content, and viewers are given a choice to pick between three different ads, or they can opt to pick nothing and see their content with regular commercial intervals. Again, you pay only when viewers choose to watch the ad.
  • TrueView in-search: these video ads show up above or along the right side of a regular search results page in YouTube, and like all TrueView ads, you pay only when someone chooses to watch your video.
  • TrueView in-display: these ads show up alongside other YouTube videos and also on websites in the Google Display Network (according to your targeting preferences), and like the other three formats, you pay only when someone decides to watch your video.

There are many other types of video advertising options on YouTube, but these are among the most mainstream, and the most popular among small to medium sized businesses.