I use Remember the Milk to track every one of my client activities here on a daily basis, and I also use heavyweight BI tools like Logi Analytics and Tableau to visualize data.  With 2015 in the past, I wanted to see what the 10,511 completed tasks looked like when displayed by month, year, and category in a business intelligence tool.  I would not call this a useful data visualization, but it’s fun to see how many actions I’ve taken for client throughout the year and month, and it’s also fun to drill down into the different categories to see the types of activities that take the most time, in order to see how we can make things more efficient.

All Tasks by Month

Tableau Remember the Milk Viz

All Tasks by Category for All of 2015

Remember the Milk Tasks by Month in Tableau


All Tasks by Tactical Category (keyword research, ad text optimization, etc.)

Remember the Milk Tasks by Month in Tableau

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