Custom Reports

Google Analytics comes with around 75 “pre-built” reports, and none of them were built with your business in mind.  This is a problem.  You need custom reports that show you metrics that matter for your business.  And this problem is easily solved.  Here is what we can do:

  1. We create custom reports in Google Analytics that measure things you care about.
  2. We schedule these custom reports so that you receive them either as emails in your inbox, or via custom dashboard, with helpful labels such as “CEO’s Monthly Report” or “Marketing Team’s Weekly Lead Status.”
  3. We create custom ad hoc custom reports on-demand that answer specific questions about your website.
  4. Finally, we create scheduled reports of important information on your website that Google only makes available for a temporary amount of time before erasing – giving you a permanent archive of key metrics.
  5. And in some cases, we use advanced data visualization tools like Logi Analytics or Tableau, to combine data from different sources for advanced analysis.

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