Google Analytics Audit

In order for you to unlock the enormous value that is contained in Google Analytics, you need to make sure that it is installed properly, and collecting data accurately.

Here are some of the things that go into one of our Google Analytics audits:

  • We analyze every page of your website to make sure the tracking script is properly installed and firing correctly
  • We interview your team to find out what type of information they would like to get from Google Analytics, and how often they need to get it
  • Based on your input, we customize the tracking script to setup advanced features like e-commerce tracking, phone tracking, goal tracking, event tracking, subdomain and cross-domain tracking, and any other advanced features that will make the data more valuable to you.
  • We create custom reports, scheduled reports, dashboards, and shortcut accessible reports, to make sure your team is able to get data in the form that is most useful to them.

Whether you have a 5-page website, or a 5,000 page website, you need to be confident that you are looking at accurate data, and if you’d like us to help you, contact us by phone or email.