Report Filters

Basic Filters in Google Analytics

You can find a text field in almost all reports in Google Analytics. If you enter text into the field and press “Enter” the filter will look for the text you typed in the primary dimension of the report.

A report filter in Google Analytics is a feature that allows you to “constrain” or limit the data in the reports you are viewing on the fly.  This is a fantastic way to simplify the data you are looking at, and to isolate only the information you are most interested in.  You can use basic filters, shown on the right, to quickly reduce the data in a given report to include only results containing the characters you enter into the text field.

Or, you can use “Advanced Filters,” shown below, to apply more rigid constraints on your report

Advanced Filters in Google Analytics

By using an advanced filter, you can quickly apply multiple constraints on a report — the basic filtering option limits you to just one constraint.