Back in America pre-1995, this was the communication landscape:

  • 9,000 commercial radio stations
  • 1,100 television stations
  • 11,000 periodicals
  • 11,000 newspapers.

How have things changed?  Despite the best efforts of media executives to extinct themselves, there are still thousands of commercial radio stations, network TV stations, periodicals, and at least a few dozen newspapers left in America.

There are also:

  • 200 million blogs – (the cost of publishing ideas has plummeted)
  • 38 billion emails exchanged every day (the cost of sharing information has plummeted)
  • On a bad month for YouTube, 100 million people view over 6 billion videos (the cost of auditioning has plummeted).

Sometimes I just like to look at the numbers to help me think about how much the world has changed since 1995, all of 15 years ago.

PS – If you need to be inspired about how much technology and social media has transformed the way we communicate, check out this awesome video.