Even with all of Google’s resources, talent, and money, it’s good to remember that even Google has bugs and glitches, as you can see below.  For the last two years, at the end of every month, I’ve received an invoice for certain AdWords accounts that have a “due date” set to December 31, 1969, which is 29 years before Google was actually founded.  This appears to be a bug that Google doesn’t care much about, probably because the invoices are all directed at nonprofits that receive Google Grants, and so they won’t pay them anyway.

But I find that it’s helpful to remind yourself that Google’s products DO have bugs in them periodically, which is why it pays to have an expert managing your AdWords accounts, because they can distinguish between actual bugs on the one hand, and things that are just difficult to accomplish on the other.

Google AdWords Bug or Mistake

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