Happy Easter, All!

A legendary PR and advertising guru, Howard Bragman, likes to say that in 1985 you could get 85% market penetration by buying ads on three TV networks, whereas nowadays you’d need to buy more than 1,200 ads to reach 85% of the market.  This is a revealing statement on the fragmentation of television, but it is totally irrelevant to 99% of business owners out there, because most businesses would be crazy to buy a network TV ad, regardless of the market penetration they would get — because there’s too much waste involved.  Why not hunt with a harpoon instead of a trawler?  

Here’s another statistic: you can use the Google Search and Display Networks to reach more than 90% of Internet users in the next 20 minutes.  But even with that, rather than hitting everyone, you need to narrow things down so that you only pay to reach actual prospects.

Here’s what I mean by narrowing things down:

  • Pick tight keywords (only show up when people are looking for your products, services or brand)
  • Use the Site & Category Exclusion Tool (make sure your ads don’t run on sites you know that your customers don’t visit)
  • Use good Negative keywords (prevent your ads from showing up when people search for your chosen keywords but also include undesirable terms like “free”)
  • Use Managed Placements (only run your ads where you want them to run)
  • Use Day-parting (only buy ads at certain times of day)
  • Definitely use geotargeting (only run your ads in specific regions where qualified customers might be)
  • Get to know the IP-Exclusion Tool (prevent your competitors from seeing your ads and copying them, or clicking on them)
  • Optimize for keyword-level conversions (see which keywords are associated with conversions or even revenue, and focus on those)

These are the types of tools and tactics I like to use to make sure we aren’t spending money on wasteful ads.  If broadcast TV were capable of doing that type of targeting, they would have nothing to worry about.

Will Marlow holds four certifications in PPC advertising: Google AdWords Search Certification, Google AdWords Display Certification, Google Analytics Certification, and Bing Ads Certification.