Today I am beginning to unfollow 12,000 people, making my way down to zero.  Currently, almost everyone I am following is also following me back.  And starting last Friday, I began informing my "followers" of this experiment, and anyone who has been paying attention to my feed has had ample time to hear me announce that I am culling faux-followers, and that I will quickly begin to add people back who I interact with, or who reach out to me, or who I am interested in.  

Yesterday I wrote about what I hope to learn from doing this.

On Friday I wrote about why I am doing this.

Today I just want to write briefly about which Twitter tools I am starting with.  I am going to use Tweepi, which my friend Russ Dean helpfully turned me on to, and once I get beneath a certain level (say, around 10,000), I will use Twitter Karma, which works for Twitter accounts that are not humongous, but begins to fail when it needs to deal with too much information.

I will report back on whether these two tools are sufficient, or if I stumble upon others, or if I end up needing to unfollow folks by hand!

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