My career began in politics, and I occasionally take a break from working with high growth companies to advise or consult for political campaigns and super PACs, and so I wanted to put together a “cheat sheet” with examples of political ads that have been running on Facebook.

These types of crib sheets are useful in the formative stages of planning on ad campaign, because they show you a wide range of possible messages and approaches, from fundraising solicitations, to Get-Out-The-Vote campaigns, to issue awareness promotions, to online petitions, and more.

If you’re planning your own campaign, I hope you find these examples helpful.

Will Marlow is a search engine marketing consultant who loves helping high growth companies optimize and improve their PPC results: and he holds seven certifications: Google AdWords Search, Display, Mobile, Shopping, and Video Certification, Google Analytics Certification, as well as certification as a Bing Ads Accredited Professional.

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