Even though the last one is the only one that I phrase as a question, I get asked about the following things a lot

  1. Netbook = content creation. 
  2. iPad = content consumption.  
  3. Blackberry = calculator that makes phone calls.  
  4. iPhone = computer that makes phone calls (the difference is the App Store, which could be renamed the “software store”).
  5. Why is AT&T the most hated phone carrier?  Because they have the exclusive rights to provide service to the iPhone, but they didn’t realize that the iPhone users would surf the Internet on their phones 5000% (that is the actual spike) more than other customers, and that usage overloads the AT&T network and causes dropped calls.  (Also, they got the exclusive rights to the phone because they were the only service provider that agreed to let Apple design the phone without their input, and all the other service providers wouldn’t agree to that.
PS – I think I’ll continue to add photos of vanity plates I see around town to my posts for the next week or two, and see how people like it.
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