There are times when it seems like Facebook is purposefully trying to discourage advertisers from spending money on their network.  For instance, they have made it tremendously difficult for agencies to use more than one credit card on behalf of their clients.  Unlike in a Google AdWords MCC account, which allows each AdWords account to draw from its own credit card, Facebook Business Manager accounts force all pages to draw from a single credit card.  Until now.  This post is for anyone who needs to run Facebook advertising campaigns that hit different credit cards.  It may seem convoluted, but if you follow this 12-step process, you will be able to manage ad campaigns for all your clients, and each one will be assigned the right credit card.

Unfortunately, your client is going to need to take steps 1 through 12, because they are going to need to create a Business Manager account.  Once they have a Business Manager account, then the business manager account can do two things: (1) grant access to someone like you in order to run campaigns and (2) accept any credit card you or the client wants to place in it.  This means that you will have effectively solved your problem: you will be able to login to your personal Facebook account just like FB’s terms of services require, and you’ll be able to toggle between different Facebook Business Manager accounts that each have their own credit card.

Step 1 – Your client will start to create a Facebook Business Manager account.

Facebook Business Manager Step 1

Step 2 – Your client will choose a name for their Facebook Business Manager account, although the name itself doesn’t really matter.

Facebook Business Manager Step 2

Step 3 – Your client will create a Facebook Business Manager Profile.

Facebook Business Manager Step 3

Step 4 – Your client will bask in the glory of their newly created (and still useless) Facebook Manager account.

Facebook Business Manager Step 4

Step 5 – Your Client Will Click (per screenshot below) “Claim Assets” and then “Page”.

Facebook Business Manager Step 5

Step 5 – Your client will then locate (from the dropdown menu) and select the Facebook page that they want to run ads for. This part may seem confusing, because they are already an admin of this page, but they still need to “claim” it.  Following this step will actually move the page to the Facebook Manager account itself, which is necessary for any of this to work.

Facebook Business Manager Step 6

Step 6 – As you can see in the screenshot below, you may need someone who is already managing the account to approve the request for claiming ownership, although in practice this may happen automatically.

Facebook Business Manager Step 7

Step 7 – Now, your client needs to create an ad account, assuming that this does not already exist.  You’ll see below that your options are “claim”, “request access,” and “create new” – these are fairly self-explanatory.  The only thing that is confusing is the fact that Facebook draws a distinction between a “page” and an “ad account,” and just because you have one, does not mean you have the other. So, your client needs to create both in order to give you full access to run their Facebook PPC campaigns.

Facebook Business Manager Step 9

Step 7(b) – alternatively, from the screenshot below, you see that you can also create the ad account from directly within the Facebook Business Manager account.

Facebook Business Manager Step 10

Step 8 – Next, your client needs to name their ad account.  This should be a descriptive name that summarizes the purpose of the account.

Facebook Business Manager Step 12

Step 9 – If you’ve done this successfully, you’ll see the confirmation message below.

Facebook Business Manager Step 14

Step 10 – Next, your client needs to click into the newly created ad account, and add a billing method, per below.

Facebook Business Manager Step 15

Step 11 – Finally, from within the Facebook Business Manager account, your client needs to click “Add New” and “People.”

Facebook Business Manager Step 16

Step 12 – This is it. The last step.  Your client needs to add the email address that you use to login to your Facebook account.  Once that happens, you will be able to accept their invitation, and from then on you can toggle between your normal Facebook Business Manager, and this new Facebook Business Manager that they created, each one with its own credit card and portfolio of Pages and ad campaigns.

Facebook Business Manager Step 17

Will Marlow is a search engine marketing consultant who loves helping high growth companies optimize and improve their PPC results: and he holds seven certifications: Google AdWords Search, Display, Mobile, Shopping, and Video Certification, Google Analytics Certification, as well as certification as a Bing Ads Accredited Professional.

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