Last night my car was towed from a restaurant’s parking lot while I was eating dinner inside.  The owner of the restaurant stopped preparing sushi to personally drive me and my party to the towing lot to retrieve the car.  The owner could have handled this problem in any number of acceptable ways, and most of those acceptable ways would have resulted in me repeatedly telling a story to my friends about how my car was towed while I ate dinner at his restaurant, and how inconvenient it was.  Now, I will instead tell the story about how he personally drove me across town to retrieve my car after it was towed. 

It is NOT difficult to be outstanding.  With apologies to my hero Dee Hock, you just need to think about all of the things that people have done for you over the years that you have loved and remembered, and do those things for others, always.  If you do this, you’ll leave a lasting impression on the people you meet.

Will Marlow is the co-creator of AlumniFidelity, which helps schools and nonprofits improve their online fundraising results.  Email him at