Disclaimer: rules were made to be broken.  Feel free to break these.  Don’t forget that people don’t read on the Internet.  They consume information through (1) “chunks” of text that are “scannable,” (2) pictures, (3) videos, and (4) audio clips.  If you want to communicate with a donor, one of your best bets is to use video, because you can convey very complex messages to lots of people, and in order to get a donation from anyone, you need to communicate the fact that they have a relationship with you AND that their gift will have an impact on something they care about.

1.  Fundraising is all about storytelling.  But getting money is all about asking for money.  Don’t forget to do either one. 

2.  But know whether your video is primarily about (a) storytelling or (b) solicitation of funds.  It is important to release some videos that are not strictly solicitations, because prospects will stop watching your new videos if they think that you only produce them to solicit funds…Click here to read all 7 rules for making awesome fundraising videos.