For the last 42 days, there has been a YouTube video of an awesome presentation about trends in high tech by my hero Geoffrey Moore (below). Over the last 42 days this video has been viewed a grand total of 617 times, according to the YouTube statistics.  Anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of cloud-computing, and how consumer software is entering the enterprise world, would be interested in watching this. 

If you're like me, you appreciate finding a very, very valuable bit of content like this presentation by Geoffrey Moore, and you appreciate it even more when you know that less than 1000 people are interested enough to watch it, which means that you'll be gathering uncommonly held data.  Or, to think of it another way, you like knowing that you are the 618th person to watch the high tech video, and you're NOT the 502,219th person to watch Porn Stars and Tiger Woods in the last 24 hours.