Your only marketing challenge is to make it really easy for your customers, friends and fans to talk about you.  The state of Montana, where I’m on my honeymoon right now, fits into this category.  Anyone who happens to drive through Montana notices its beauty, and some people (like me) feel compelled to take photographs and share them with other people.  Therefore, from a marketing perspective, the state of Montana has a simple challenge: encourage and allow visitors to share their experiences with their friends by maintaining an active Facebook page, encouraging photography competitions, sponsoring Artist-in-Residence programs, etc., all of which are done here.

Life is easy when you are naturally remarkable.  For the rest of us, we need to do everything Montana does (i.e., enable our customers, friends and fans to talk about us in a variety of ways), but we also need to work really, really hard to be remarkable.

PS – You can check out some more of my photos from Montana, including beautiful waterfalls, mountains, and a black bear that was about 40 feet away from me, on Flickr here.  

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