April was a big month for me. I launched a new blog, and started a new business project.  The new blog is all about photography, and so is my new project. Specifically, I became a Google Trusted Photographer in April, which means I am now creating virtual tours of businesses for Google Maps and Google Places.

Essentially, I visit a wide variety of businesses in Virginia, Maryland and DC (and I’m willing to travel, although there are other Google photographers in other places), and I take hundreds of photographs in each location. Then, I use Google software to turn the photoshoot into a virtual tour that gets added to Google Maps. It’s fascinating work, lots of fun, and it means I get to spend a lot of time talking to business owners, which I love doing.

I’m continuing to spend at least 50% of my time as a marketing consultant with several clients. For example, I recently started working with a great advertising agency in Virginia, where I’m running digital advertising campaigns, including AdWords campaigns, social media campaigns, as well as advising and contributing on other projects. I’m also advising a number of startups currently.

I will continue to update this blog.  But I’m also going to be writing for WillMarlowPhotography.com, which is where I’m sharing my photography and tours.  I’d love it if you’d

I hope you’ll check out my new blog, navigate one of the virtual tours, and consider subscribing.  I’ll be sharing all my new completed tours (three new ones are coming this week), and I’ll offer discounts on photography services to subscribers periodically.

I hope you like the new blog, and don’t hesitate to ask me any questions about the program.  You can see one of the tours embedded below.

Also, if you are familiar with any businesses in DC, Maryland, or Virginia that you think would benefit from having a virtual tour, I would love an introduction.


Will Marlow is a digital marketing consultant who specializes in search engine optimization, Google AdWords (certified), Google Analytics (certified), social media, and blogging.  He is also a Google Trusted Photographer who creates virtual tours of businesses. Follow him on Twitter here.