I wanted to share the results of the survey that many of you participated in a few weeks ago.  Getting to hear real feedback from people is a very powerful thing, and if you run a blog I highly recommending including a periodic survey every now and then.

The results of my survey are as follows: 
  • 70.8% of you said you were very likely to recommend my blog to a friend.  20.8% said that they were only somewhat likely to recommend my blog to a friend, and 8.3% said that they were unlikely.
  • 62.5% of you said that my posts were almost always interesting or useful.  29.2% said that only about half of my blog posts were interesting; and 8.3% said they were almost never any good.
  • The third question, which let readers tell me anything they wanted me to know about how I could improve the blog, yielded really interesting insights, such as that many of you want to see me responding to all comments on the blog, add more color to the layout, and possibly the most interesting comment was that many of you found me through Google Buzz, and you were just now getting to know the blog.  (Some people also suggested specific topics/questions that you thought I should answer in a blog post, and I’ll do my best to do posts on all of them eventually.)
Thanks so much for participating in the survey.  

Will Marlow co-founded AlumniFidelity to help his clients reposition their fundraising to benefit from Web 2.0 technology and marketing techniques. He’s working with clients such as UVA, the College of William & Mary, the University of Oklahoma, Bowling Green State University, Randolph Macon College, and he loves nothing better than a thorny marketing challenge.  Read more about Will Marlow here, or email him at will@alumnifidelity.com.