Google AdWords Mind Map

Some of the things your AdWords manager should think about.

I’m a big fan of the SimpleMind iPad App that allows you to make cool looking visualizations like the one above.  I was thinking about how many things you need to do to run an AdWords account in a responsible way, and I decided to create a quick mindmap to organize some of the big things that I think about when I’m running an AdWords account — you’re looking at the result..

In my opinion, a professionally-run AdWords account is one that is systematically working to identify the most valuable keywords, display placements, ad text, or display options for an advertising campaign.

The difference between AdWords and most other types of advertising is that AdWords is all about testing, right from the beginning. No one really knows which keywords or ad text or landing page combinations are going to work best. Setting up an account properly in a way that is well-organized is only the first step — the second step is testing, and a professionally-managed AdWords account is going to produce useful data so that it will get better over time.

Will Marlow wears several hats, but one of them is that of professional AdWords/PPC manager.  He is certified by Google in AdWords and Google Analytics.