A lot of people think that all the different social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, etc.) are more complicated than they really are.   Every social media platform, however, has one thing in common: they all make publishing possible.  That is the key to the social media revolution.

YouTube (publishing videos), Flickr (publishing photos), Blogger (publishing words), Twitter (publishing short sentences), and Facebook (publishing details of your life) all make publishing different things easier.  Each one of these platforms is a piece of a larger revolution in publishing.  They will always just be satellites orbiting the sun of a larger revolution.
That’s why you can be sure that social media (defined as publishing on the Internet) will not fade in relevance, even while any specific platform (Friendster, MySpace) may balloon in popularity one day, only to fade into obscurity the next.

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Will Marlow is a digital strategist/online marketing consultant.  He’s the co-creator of  AlumniFidelity, which is a Web 2.0 fundraising platform for colleges, nonprofits and secondary schools.   He’s working with clients such as UVA, the College of William & Mary, the University of Oklahoma, and Bowling Green State University and he loves nothing better than a thorny marketing challenge.  He would love to help you market your business on the Internet, boost the fundraising numbers for your school or nonprofit, or sellout your next big event.  Email him at will@alumnifidelity.com.