I’ve noticed a number of fairly negative commentaries summing up the decade that’s ending on December 31st, which made me want to point out some of the great things that have happened over the last ten years.

  1. Wikipedia was founded in January 2001 (something that is useful enough to receive 7 billion page views a month);
  2. Facebook was founded in 2004 (350 million of us like this enough to signup);
  3. YouTube was founded in February 2005, and I think it will be remembered as a true watershed for changing human behavior and communications in a profound way
  4. An African American was elected President.
  5. And over the last ten years, Americans donated $2.6 trillion to charity (in the year 2000, Americans gave $203 billion, and by 2007 charitable giving began exceeding $300 billion each year.
I think the last decade was all about moving us forward in our desire to connect with one another and interact, which will hopefully make us happier and more productive in years to come. 

Plus I got engaged in 2009, which puts another positive spin on the decade.

(Have I forgotten any events or trends you’d mention?)

Will Marlow is the co-creator of AlumniFidelity, which helps schools and nonprofits improve their online fundraising results.  Email him at will@alumnifidelity.com.