One great thing about my job is that I regularly get approached by nonprofits that are doing really cool things, and I sometimes get to become involved in their projects, which is both rewarding and educational.

Yesterday I spoke with someone who I was introduced to via Twitter, and he told me about a great charity he’s working with that needs help fundraising.  Essentially, this charity aims to end the cycle of intergenerational incarceration.  The thing he told me that struck a chord was that most Departments of Correction will predict how many beds they will need in the future by a simple equation: they add up the number of children the current convicts have, and they expect 70% of the kids to end up in prison.  Rather than using tax dollars to pay for prison beds now, I would much rather help generate revenue that can be used to give the kids the support they need to stay outside the penitentiary and to live productive, happy lives.

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