The last time the Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland exploded 187 years ago, it didn’t stop erupting for over a year, according to the Washington Post.

(As an aside, one thing that I love about this crisis is that, unlike almost any other crisis that humankind is ill-prepared to deal with, I haven’t heard anyone jumping up and pretending to be an expert on what’s going to happen next, or what we should do in the meantime.)

But back to the topic at hand – here’s who benefits from the Icelandic Volcano Crisis: (1) Skype, (2) GoToMeeting, (3) and all the entrepreneurs focused on using the Internet to make physical distance irrelevant to business and personal communications.  That’s a lot of entrepreneurs.  When you look at the essence of a lot of companies, you’ll see that eliminating physical distance one way or another is the main thing that they’re doing, whether it’s Twitter, Brazen Careerist, LinkedIn, Facebook, Squidoo, Wikipedia, AlumniFidelity, Skype, eBay, Google, Amazon, Cisco, Flickr, Apple, Etsy or tons of others.  In that way, we’ve been preparing for something like the Icelandic volcano eruption for a long time. 

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PS – The photo was taken by Baldvin Hansson and sent to TechCrunch, and then posted to Flickr here, along with a bunch of other great photos he took from a small plane while circling the volcano. 
PSS – Want to be the only person who knows how to pronounce the name of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano?  Click here to listen to the correct pronunciation. 

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