Your website will reflect your personality.  (Whether you want it to or not.)

  • If you are a careless person, your website will be sloppy.  
  • If you’re an artistic person, your website will be unique.
  • If you’re an angry person, your website will be confrontational.
  • If you’re a meticulous person, your website will be consistent throughout.
  • If you’re a disorganized person, your website will be hard to navigate.
  • If you’re an arrogant person, your website will be abrasive.
  • If you’re a thoughtful person, your website will informative and easy to use. 

I just finished helping my friend and business associate finish a website for his excellent company, and I look forward to linking to it soon in this space.  I’ll take care to highlight the areas of the project that I contributed to, but I’ll do that primarily to emphasize how talented he is. 

His new website does a wonderful job of reflecting the personality of the business that it represents: it is high-quality, meticulous, unique, balanced, thoughtful, direct, clear, and beautifully designed.  It communicates key things about the business’s brand to visitors, and I look forward to seeing the reaction that people have to the final product.

PS – I took the picture above last Saturday when I was the official (volunteer) photographer at FACETS charity auction.  FACETS is a great nonprofit that provides support/assistance to the homeless in Fairfax, Virginia.  (The dessert in the photo was donated to the event by Natalia’s Elegant Creations, a fantastic bakery in Falls Church, Virginia.  More photos here.

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