Case Studies

Below are three examples of case studies that describe AdWords projects that we completed for clients — each of the projects below led the client to engage us in a long-term relationship.

Reduced Cost-Per-Conversion from $385 to $30

Problem: our client was spending $385 to generate new sales leads from its AdWords campaigns, but each customer was only worth approximately $75, which made AdWords too expensive.

Solution: We changed all the keywords in the account from broad match to a mix of phrase match, exact match, and modified broad match, and switched from automated bidding to manual bidding, in order to better control when ads were shown, and how much we paid for each click. 

Outcome: Within three months, this client was generating conversions for a cost of $30, instead of $385, while still earning $75 from each conversion.  This client subsequently doubled their AdWords budget to capitalize on the cheaper conversions.  

Eliminating Waste In Google AdWords

Problem: Client was spending $5,000 per month on Google AdWords, but had not looked at the account for six months.

Solution: In a single day, we conducted an intensive 6-hour AdWords audit to review all critical areas of the account. During that time, we discovered that this business had spent $24,000 ($2,000 of their $5,000 monthly budget) on purchasing irrelevant, wasteful, and useless traffic. 

Outcome: We were able to re-direct the $2,000 that was being wasted each month towards keywords that corresponded to the target audience, thereby boosting monthly leads and sales.

Improved Customer Targeting With Google AdWords

Problem: Another client was spending $35,000 per month on AdWords, but was not confident that their consultant was spending their money wisely.

Solution: We conducted a 7-day AdWords audit that identified the strengths and weaknesses of the AdWords account, and discovered that the client’s account was not targeting traffic in a strategic way.  We then improved the account by (1) picking more focused, specific keywords; (2) introducing more phrase- and exact-match keywords; (3) switching from automated bidding to manual-CPC to lower cost-per-click; (4) adding a flexible bid strategy that targeted top-of-page position for the highest priority keywords, and (5) segmenting the account in a more meaningful, distinct way to easily spot any areas of waste in the future.

Outcome: In this case, our optimization resulted in reducing the cost-per click from $10 per click to $3 per click, and (more importantly) we reduced the cost per conversion by 50 percent.  At the end of the day, this client is now paying less money to Google, and we continue to optimize their account every month.