Today I have officially launched the new website for Will Marlow, LLC.

I created this new design because I have expanded my consulting business, and I needed a website that reflects all of the services I provide, and how they are related to one another.  At the simplest level, I help people do two things: (1) raise the visibility and awareness of their companies, and identify new leads and customers for their companies.

My focus is on Search Engine Marketing (SEM).  And Search Engine Marketing includes all of the following things:

  • Google AdWords and other types of Pay-Per-Click advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization to drive targeted free traffic from search engines
  • Web Analytics to tell you which of your marketing campaigns are actually working.
  • Digital Public Relations to both monitor, protect, and enhance your organization’s online reputation, and to generate visibility for your organization by connecting with reporters, bloggers, and other influencers to carry your message to new audiences.

In many cases I help clients decide which of these areas will produce the best ROI for them.

But right now, it is clear to me that Google AdWords represents the biggest area of growth for my company.  This is where I see the biggest challenges in execution, and the biggest opportunities for driving revenue for my clients in the short and long-term.  Following Google AdWords, the place where I’m spending the most time with clients is in organic Search Engine Optimization, which is excellent, because the smartest thing that a client who is succeeding with AdWords can do is enhance their SEO so that over the long-term they don’t need to pay for every single click that they get.  If you discover through AdWords that ten related queries are driving huge traffic and revenue for you, wouldn’t you like to figure out how to get those queries without paying for each one?

In any case, I wanted to offer this blog post as an explanation for why I launched the redesign of this website and blog, and to explain that from now on, this website will serve both as a blog where I share ideas, and also as the homepage for my business, where I help clients one-on-one with lots of different types of Internet marketing.

Will Marlow is the Owner of Will Marlow, LLC, where he helps clients with a wide range of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) activities.  He is certified by Google in Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and Google Business Photography.  He is followed by over 7,000 people on Twitter, and 6,000 people on Google+.