As of yesterday, there are now six Bing Advertising Accredited Professionals in Virginia, including Will Marlow, LLC.  You can now find us included in the Microsoft-Bing “Find a Pro Directory.

Bing Ads Accredited Professional

Many businesses never make it beyond Google, but this can be a big mistake.  My approach is to start with Google and identify the most profitable keywords, and then make sure to get 100% of those keywords wherever I can find them.  Once you get 100% of the low-hanging fruit on Google, Bing, and Yahoo, then you should go back to Google to find more keywords that might require more work to discover.  Of course, for the biggest budget campaigns, you might launch on day one with Google, Yahoo, and Bing simply because you need to capture the greatest market share right off the bat, and that’s a good reason, too.

Will Marlow wears several hats, but one of them is that of professional AdWords/PPC manager.  He is certified by Google in AdWords and Google Analytics, and by Microsoft as a Bing Ad Accredited Professional.