Google AdWords Display CertificationSince I have been spending a lot of time in the Google Display Network lately, I decided to go ahead and pass the Google AdWords Advanced Display Network exam the other day (scored 93%).

When I first started using Google AdWords, I wasn’t a big fan of the display network, because it seemed too traditional.  In the display network’s early days, it wasn’t much more exciting than buying ads in a newspaper or on a billboard, which at the time I didn’t think was very hip.  But the display network has come a long way.  You can now do behavioral targeting, remarketing, motion ads,  lots of different types of video ads, and you can do really cool types of analysis and tracking, such as measuring view-through-conversions and other cool actions like the rate at which people put their mouse over your ad but fail to click.  Basically, the display network is really cool, and if you disagree, I’d love to try to change your mind.    

And if I can’t change your mind, then maybe my little buddy can.  After all, his picture below is probably the most memorable part of this entire blog post, which illustrates how powerful images can be — and if you want to use images on AdWords, the Google Display Network is your only option.

Are you sticking your tongue out at me?

 Will Marlow is a search engine marketing professional, and holds three certifications from Google (Google Analytics and Google AdWords) and one certification from Microsoft as a Bing Ads Professional