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Importing Four Google Analytics Metrics Into Google AdWords

Importing Four Google Analytics Metrics Into Google AdWords

As I discussed in my last post, one of the first things you should do with your AdWords account is properly link it to Google Analytics. This is the best way to do advanced analysis on your Google AdWords budget. But after you go through these steps, you’ll then have the option to import four measly pieces of data from Google Analytics into Google AdWords. So, why would you want to do this?

For the most part, you can see all your AdWords data in Google Analytics, so there is no need to see your Analytics data in AdWords. But, unless I’m mistaken, there is some AdWords data that doesn’t make it into Google Analytics. For instance, I don’t think you can view impression share data in Google Analytics, and I also don’t think you can see quality score data. Now, I’m not sure if those metrics would be very useful in Google Analytics, but there are times when I want to see my keyword quality score side-by-side with things like bounce rate, time-on-site, pages per visit, and new visitors, which are the four metrics you can pull into AdWords from Google Analytics.

These four metrics all have one thing in common when you apply them to your AdWords campaigns: they attempt to describe the overall quality of the traffic you’re paying for, especially bounce rate, which measures the number of visitors who leave your website instantly after they arrive. I love using metrics like bounce rate because they let you optimize a campaign without increasing your budget, which is a great way to make your boss or client happy.

Will Marlow is a search engine marketing professional, and holds two certifications from Google (Google Analytics and Google AdWords) and one certification from Microsoft as a Bing Ads Professional