There’s a difference between a “discoverable” blog post and a “popular” blog post.  For example, my most popular recent blog post was about how my car was unfairly towed while I was eating dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, and how the owner stopped preparing food to personally drive to the towing lot.  My most “discovered” blog post, however, was about a little-known Facebook application that let’s you keep track of how many friends have unfollowed you on Facebook.  

My most popular posts are viewed by lots of people all at once virally, but “discoverable” posts are viewed by a few people every day, Monday through Sunday, by people who have never heard of me before, but who ask Google a question, and who are given my blog as one of the potential answers.

In other words, one important way to “introduce” yourself to people through a blog is by answering questions that persist over time among the people you’re interested in knowing.  (Quick hint: It’s most helpful to answer questions that no one else is answering.)

PS – As a quick update to my blog post on how to find out who has “unfriended” you on Facebook, follow this link to find a very helpful program that Facebook can’t remove that can help you keep track of who has unfollowed, if you’re interested in knowing that.

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